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US $6-7 / Unit | 9600 Unit/Units 500 millilitre (Min. Order)
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600000 Unit/Units per Month
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South Africa
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12 UNITS OF 500ml in a cardboard outer case. 30000 units per 20ft
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6-10 WEEKS


Snake Repel is a silicone based eco friendly snake repellent that is designed to repel ALL types of snakes from unwanted areas.

Snake Repel is an eco friendly snake repellant that is designed to repel snakes from unwanted areas in their natural movement. The product uses Sasol technology. The product is silicone based, hence it is still effective in light rainy/wet conditions. The product is available in 250 milliliter and 500 millilitre. There are bigger sizes available as well, being 5 litre and 20 litre for those that require larger quantities. Snake Repel is an approved, tested and patented snake repellent, effective against both venomous and non-venomous snakes. Snake Repel has been extensively tested by bio chemical specialists, to ensure its thorough effectiveness in repelling indigenous and exotic snakes. When used and applied as directed, it is safe to humans, animals and plant life. It is designed to conserve our natural resources and maintain harmony between human and animal. Snake Repel has been approved and endorsed by naturalists, conservationists and ecologists. Snakes have a sensory organ in the frontal lobe in their heads called the Jacobson's Organ. A snake smells by gathering scent particles via its tongue. It constantly flicks its tongue out and picks up air particles which are microscopic, which are inserted by the tongue, past the Jacobson's organ in the head. The Jacobson's organ then identifies the scent, and sends a positive or negative signal back to the snake's brain to decipher the necessary action required by its body.
Snake Repel when applied to a specific area creates an invisible barrier to the snake. Snake Repel is carried in a silicone base which adheres to the surface to which it is sprayed. It contains (5) Five chemicals, which together, allow the active ingredient to be released slowly into the air. This invisible barrier sends a negative signal to the snake, once identified by the Jacobson's Organ and the snake will turn away immediately, while in its NATURAL movement.
 Snake Repel is easy to apply and is already blended by our experts into a ready-to-use format. Snake Repel is environmentally safe; it does not kill snakes but repels them in their NATURAL movement. It is a silicone based product that lasts for a period of 3 to 4 weeks once applied to the surface or area required. Due to Snake Repel being non-toxic and eco-friendly it is typically applied around domestic dwellings and livestock shelters. It does however have many applications including tented camps, chalets, bush lodges, caravans, picnic sites and many others. If ingested, Snake Repel will cause no harm to other domestic animals. This product is designed to conserve our natural resources and should NOT be applied directly to the snake itself, but rather to the area required. Thus preserving a harmonious environment, where man and reptile can live independently without conflict or threat, in God's great plan. Snake Repel is approved for distribution by the South African National Department of Agriculture. Registration Number: L7505 0f Act 36 of 1947. The 500 and 250 millilitre products come in plastic bottle with spray trigger.